About Us

How Cache Valley Bank Got Its Name

It goes back to Abraham Lincoln’s tall hat. Two hundred years ago that hat was very popular in America and Europe – and always made from beaver furs. In all the world, beavers could most plentifully be found in the little streams and rivers of the Rocky Mountains. The story of the West begins with an intrepid group of mountain men entering these mountains to trap the valuable beavers. They needed a central place to “cache” their furs and provisions; a place that would be safe, secure and private, but also easily accessible at a future date. They chose a lush green valley located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, calling it “Cache” Valley.

It was there that they “cached” their furs and provisions. Each Fall, they would all return to Cache Valley to rendezvous with the fur traders. And after the trading was finished, the music and celebrations began.


The purposes of “banking” and “caching” are much the same. Using the word “Cache” in our name continues this heritage with a firm promise that, at Cache Valley Bank, your valuables will be safe, secure, and private while easily accessible for you.

  • Our Leadership

    Bank Presidents

    John Jones, South; Bruce Rigby, North; Ryan Anderson, Central

    John Jones, South; Bruce Rigby, North; Ryan Anderson, Central

    Corporate Leadership

    First Row: Bruce Rigby, Dawna DeHart, Brett Greene.
    Second Row: Dru Taylor, Kenny Miller, Mike Lemon, George Daines, John Jones, Paul Erickson, Ryan Anderson

    Board of Directors

    Second Row: Brad Peterson, Scott Beckstead, Gregg Miller, Paul Fjelsted, Peter Daines, George Daines, Dean Marriott, Cliff Skousen, Mike Lemon, Chris Fawson, Scott Colton
    First Row: Linda Daines, Dave Zilles, Bruce Rigby, Gabrielle Gay, Micah Daines, Linden Beckstead.


  • Our Ownership

    Cache Valley Bank is privately held with shareholding senior officers in each of the communities we serve. In this way, the Bank maintains a community focus at every location. Local ownership and control provide a better understanding of local economic dynamics. Small business owners will appreciate the benefits of interacting directly with the owners of this community bank.

  • Our Financials