Mobile Deposit Questions

How do I make a deposit using Mobile Deposit?

Once you have logged into the Cache Valley Bank mobile app, swipe to the account to which you would like to make the deposit.  Tap on the camera icon.  Follow the prompts to enter the amount of the deposit and take pictures of the check you are depositing.

How many checks can I deposit?

You can submit one check per deposit.

Is there a limit on the check amount that I can deposit?

Yes, there is a $3,000 limit per customer per day.

What is the cut-off time for deposits?

Deposits submitted by 5:00 p.m. (Mountain) will be posted by the following business morning unless there is a problem discovered during a fraud prevention review. Exceptions to the cut-off time may apply in special circumstances such as Christmas Eve and New Years Eve.

Please note that these deposits do not display on your account history immediately after you have completed the deposit. They will display once we have processed the deposits and posted them to your account.

How can I verify that my deposit was completed successfully?

Upon completing the mobile deposit process, you will see a screen that notifies you if the deposit was completed successfully.  You may also go to the Previous Deposits screen within the Mobile Deposit section to view a list of your successful deposits within the last 90 days.  Your local branch or our customer service department can also assist you.

Can I make a mobile deposit to my business account?

Cache Valley Bank offers a separate remote deposit capture service for business customers.  Please contact your account officer or our customer service department for more details.